My name is Nia Lewis. I’m a business coach, educator, and content creator. I help solopreneurs scale their businesses. When I graduated from college I couldn’t find any full-time jobs that felt like a good fit for me, so I decided to start a business instead of working a traditional job. I spent 2 years hustling to build my business, only to be left feeling overworked, burnt out, and overwhelmed before even reaching my third year in business. 

As a solopreneur and one-woman-show, I had to figure out how to grow my business without working 50+ hours a week to make a living. I wanted to build a business that would be sustainable long-term without sacrificing every waking moment of my time to build my business. After months of soul searching and business planning, my desire to earn more while working less led me to implementing systems that have helped me scale my business. Scaling my business has allowed me to increase profits while simultaneously decreasing the amount of hours I work each week. Scaling my business has also helped me get clear on what I should prioritize in business, which allows me to reach my business goals more efficiently.

Now, I help solopreneurs earn more while working less using business growth strategies. I help solopreneurs through coaching, and by providing educational resources through webinars, learning tools, and my podcast. 

I host a weekly podcast called The Solopreneur Hustle, where I share business tips that help women of color build profitable, sustainable, scalable businesses. 

Aside from the work I do as a business coach and content creator, I am also a part-time Adjunct Instructor at the College of Charleston. I teach public speaking classes within the Department of Communication. In addition to my work as an educator in higher education, I am also a South Carolina Board of Cosmetology approved continuing education provider for licensed cosmetologists, nail technicians, and estheticians. I’m the owner of With Purpose Continuing Education, a cosmetology association offering advanced continuing education for salon professionals, and Methods of Teaching courses for aspiring cosmetology instructors. 

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