I teach solo entrepreneurs how to attract ideal clients using strategic communication. 

When I started my first business I had ambitious goals, but I had difficulty communicating my value to the world to connect with the right clients.  

I had little to show for my first two years in entrepreneurship. I marketed my business consistently, however, I attracted very few clients and made even fewer sales. I thought my marketing strategies were the problem, but after taking an in-depth look at how I was presenting my value to the world, I realized the missing piece for me was strategic communication. 

I realized that communicating the right messages, at the right time, to the right people, would be one of the most important aspects of building a successful businesses. ​I also realized that having an amazing product doesn't matter if no one understands why they need you. 

Now, I help high potential freelancers and independent consultants shape their most powerful messages to clearly communicate their value and purpose. 

Aside from coaching, I'm also a college professor, a licensed cosmetology instructor, and a content creator producing a weekly podcast for entrepreneurs on iTunes, and weekly business building videos on YouTube

I'm the owner of With Purpose Continuing Education, a cosmetology association that offers continuing education classes for licensed cosmetologists, nail technicians, and estheticians in the state of South Carolina. I also offer a Methods of Teaching course for aspiring instructors in the beauty industry. 

I completed both my undergraduate, and graduate education at the College of Charleston. I hold a Master's Degree in Communication. 


I call Charleston, SC home, and on the weekends I enjoy walks on the beach with my husband. 


I’m a driven entrepreneur who got tired of living a life of “supposed to” and decided to carve a path of her own. For years, I struggled with putting myself into a box of expectation based on who I thought I should be. This limited my growth. 


One morning I woke up and realized it was time to embrace the most authentic version of myself and show up for my business, unapologetically. It was time to kick fear to the curb and approach my business goals from a place of strategy. I became intentional.


  • Built an online business that allows me to wake up everyday feeling excited to create great content, and inspire other bosses.

  • Earned an advanced degree + certification that helped me propel my business forward

  • Helped over 150 entrepreneurs get their businesses off the ground through business coaching, marketing, & brand development.

  • Built an organic tribe of 8,000+ followers/subscribers/group members on Instagram, Facebook, & through podcasting.

Now, I help solo entrepreneurs build successful businesses through the power strategic communication.

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