My name is Nia Lewis. I’m a business coach, educator, and content creator. I host a weekly podcast called The Solopreneur Hustle. On my podcast, I provide educational resources that help women of color build profitable, sustainable, scalable businesses. Some of the most influential businesses in the United States are owned by women of color, however, we continue to face obstacles that limit our success and growth, such as limited access to capitol, race and gender bias, or discouragement when we are the minority in White male dominated industries. 


My life’s purpose is to change this narrative for women of color in entrepreneurship. I am no stranger to these obstacles as a Black, female entrepreneur myself. When I got my start in entrepreneurship I had to find ways to bootstrap my business as I didn’t have the knowledge or resources necessary to secure business financing. I’ve also experienced fear of being judged based on the color of my skin in business situations, working tirelessly for years to overcome imposter syndrome. Overcoming mental barriers allowed me to own my value and step into the success I knew I deserved with confidence. 


In my role as a podcast host, I provide a platform that magnifies the voices of women of color in business. For too long, our contributions that drive economic empowerment have been overlooked and we have been silenced. On The Solopreneur Hustle podcast, I share transparent conversations with women of color who have built profitable business. We discuss what the climb to success is really like behind the scenes, and how we, as a community can work together close the race and gender gap for women of color in entrepreneurship.


In my role as a business coach, I help women find the clarity they need to realize their business goals are attainable and within reach. Many times, we place mental barriers on our success -- barriers that are often merely figments of our imagination. I help women find the confidence hiding within to go after their dreams without fear. 


Aside from the work I do as a business coach and content creator, I am also a part-time Adjunct Instructor at the College of Charleston. I teach public speaking classes within the Department of Communication. 


In addition to my work as an educator in higher education, I am also a South Carolina Board of Cosmetology approved continuing education provider for licensed cosmetologists, nail technicians, and estheticians. I’m the owner of With Purpose Continuing Education, a cosmetology association offering advanced continuing education for salon professionals, and Methods of Teaching courses for aspiring cosmetology instructors. 


I create communities that give women in business a safe space to share knowledge and support one another. I'm on a mission to help women of color overcome barriers to success in entrepreneurship. 


Let’s lift as we climb. Learn more about the resources I offer women in business below. 

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