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Hi! I'm Nia Lewis. 

I'm a business coach, educator, and podcast host. I empower boss women to build sustainable, scalable businesses.

I'm the creator and host of The Solopreneur Hustle, the only podcast dedicated to empowering women of color to build sustainable businesses designed for growth. 

I'm also the CEO of With Purpose Continuing Education. I'm a licensed cosmetology instructor and I teach continuing education classes that help salon professionals improve their businesses. 

I'm passionate about inspiring boss women to build successful businesses, while also maintaining a balanced and fulfilling life. My life's purpose is to improve the entrepreneurial experience for boss women. 

The best way to learn more about me and what I do is to follow me on social media, subscribe to my YouTube channel, or shoot me an email if you have a specific question. Can't wait to connect! 


For speaking requests, collaboration inquires, or general questions, send me an email.

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