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Planner + Journal Templates

Planner + Journal Templates

If you are interested in creating your own planner or journal, here is the blueprint you need for your design! Included in this file is over 60 pages of pre-designed pages you can use in your planner or journal. You can add your own photos, font, prompts, graphics, or special touches to each page. There are notebook jounaling pages with room for prompts, calendar templates, goal tracker templates, and other pages you may find useful for your book design. 


We recommend uploading your pages to Canva so you can add your own special touches to each page. Included in the file is a video tutorial for uploading pages to Canva. 


The pages are included in Zip files, that you can download instantly upon completing your purchase. 


These templates are designed in a 6" x 9" page size. This is a very common size for a standard planner or journal. 

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