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  • Nia S. Lewis

The Fail Forward Series: 5 Mistakes I Made in Business

Here you will find a helpful reading guide for Part 1 of the With Purpose Podcast's Fail Forward Series. In this episode I share 5 mistakes I made in business that eventually led to personal and professional growth. In this series, we explore some of the aspects of entrepreneurship that are more difficult to talk about, and we carve our areas for growth within these difficulties.

Check out these 5 mistakes I made in business, and my recommendations for overcoming them for increased success in entrepreneurship:

Mistake #1: I associated my business with my own worth. I viewed success in business as a reflection of personal growth and failures as a reflection as who I was.

Tip for overcoming this: I realized that despite what I accomplished or didn’t accomplish I was enough regardless, and that Nia, as a person, was worth so much more than a business aspiration.

Mistake #2: I was on a mission to achieve perfection. I have always been a perfectionist.

Tip for overcoming this: In business, I realized perfection was never going to be possible. Instead of seeking perfection, the goal should instead be to seek progress; to achieve my personal best in everything I do. My best may never be perfect, and that is OK!

Mistake #3: I longed for certainty and clarity. I stressed myself worrying about if I would have enough clients, or if I would sell enough products.

Tip for overcoming this: I realized entrepreneurship is ALL about uncertainty, and to thrive and truly enjoy what my passions were I had to let go of the need to predict what my future would look like. Instead of being an overplanner, I learned to I focus that energy on recognizing the beauty I was cultivating in the present. I recognized that I was I longed for in the past was right in front of me.

Mistake #4: I cared about what people think. No one likes to admit that they care what people think. We would all like to believe that our skin is so think that surely, what people say about us has no impact on our spirit. For a long time, I had difficulty embracing my authentic self because I was afraid of how the world would perceive me in all my greatness. :)

Tip for overcoming this: To be honest, getting past this comes with age. With each passing year, I become more and more comfortable with who I am and who I aspire to be. Embrace who you are.

Mistake #5: I feared vulnerability. I was afraid to embrace the very difficult aspects of life as an entrepreneur that build the most character, such as failure, or not knowing what I'm doing and winging it, or feeling inexperienced.

Tip for overcoming this: It’s ok to not know what you’re doing. That doesn’t make you less of an entrepreneur. Mistakes are inevitable, and failure doesn’t make you any less worthy of success and accomplishment. Embrace every season of your journey in this life, for each new experience is likely preparing your for who you are suppose to be. Walk in your purpose unapologetically.

To learn more about how you can embrace vulnerability to increase success in your life or your business, listen to this episode of the With Purpose Podcast on the Apple Podcast App, iTunes, Spotify, Google Play Music, or using the player below. If you were inspired by this episode, share your story with me via email:

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