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  • Nia Lewis

The Best Purchases I've Made for My Business

If you're here, it's probably because you've listened to Episode 48 of The Solopreneur Hustle Podcast, where I shared the best, and worst purchases I've made for my business so far.

In this blog I want to share links to some of my favorite products that have brought immense value to my life, and my business.

This is a vinyl cutting machine (it actually cuts a variety of materials, such as paper, fabric, and even foam board), that I use to make custom t-shirts, logo stickers, cards, and anything else that I can customize with my business logo. Over the years, this machine has saved me a ton of money, for example, one t-shirt order equals nearly the cost of this machine, that allows me to make unlimited t-shirts. I can also make custom packaging for a fraction of what it would cost to pay for custom packaging.

I looked at reviews of this camera for 6 months before I finally pulled the trigger. I use this camera to take product photography, headshots for my website, and to create content for social media. I also use it to record YouTube videos. I invested in this camera so I didn't have to pay for photography services every time I needed new photos taken for my business. Add up the costs for professional photography services, and you'll quickly see that investing in your own equipment is an excellent long term value. My husband is my photographer now lol. :)

This is the computer I use for all things business. MacBooks are tried and true, reliable, pricey, but oh so worth the investment. Over time, my computer's speed doesn't slow down, and the best part about Apple computers is that they don't get viruses. This is the second MacBook I've owned. My first one lasts 5 years, and the only reason I replaced it is because I spilled liquid on the keyboard and it died. If that never happened, I think it would still be going strong!

Here are some of the best educational resources I've invested in:



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