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  • Nia S. Lewis

Fail Forward Series: Overcoming Discouragement

This week on the With Purpose Podcast marks the end of our Fail Forward Series. If you haven't listened to the first 3 episodes of this 4 part series, it's not too late to catch up! This week our discussion is about overcoming discouragement. In entrepreneurship, we call go through seasons where we lack inspiration, and sometimes this lack results in overall demotivation, or feelings of defeat. For some, these feelings of defeat lead to thoughts about throwing in the towel altogether. Before you give up on your business, consider working through overcoming your discouragement by utilizing these tips:

1. Remember why you started: Sometimes, taking a step back and remembering how excited you were when you started your business will help you push forward during difficult times. Think about people that look up to you because you're courageous enough to be an entrepreneur. Just when you think nothing you do matters, there is always someone out there that looks up to you based on what you do.

2. Re-ignite the fire inside of you: Do something that inspires you. Spend time doing something that gets you fired up about what you're passionate about. Take a class. Attend a business conference. Take a webinar. Take some time for self care to reduce stress and anxiety.

3. Re-group, refresh, and refocus: Sometimes we have need to take a step away from our business altogether to clear our minds and refocus. Give yourself a few weeks off to reflect and clear your head. Many times we feel discouraged simply because we're burnt out. Perhaps you need to declutter. It's amazing how cleaning out our offices or creative spaces can positively impact our mental health. For me, cleaning out my office breathes new life into my business. Maybe you're discouraged because you're struggling with sales, or marketing. That means it's time to revisit your business plan.

4. Find a mentor to talk things over with: It’s always great to get a second opinion on whatever you're struggling with. Find a mentor who has experience in your industry. Consider seeking out a business coach. A new, fresh perspective can open your eyes to opportunities you may not have even considered.

5. Stop overthinking the small things and focus on the bigger picture: Sometimes we get so caught up in all the little details that are going wrong that we can’t seem to see the beauty in everything that’s going right. If you're feeling discouraged because small details are overwhelming you, take a moment to write down everything that's contributing to your discouragement. Create an action plan to work through addressing what's overwhelming you. Take it little by little. If you're struggling to see past the details, focus on the bigger picture by creating a vision board that represents how far you've come, and where you're headed.

Remember, nothing worth having comes easy and success doesn’t happen overnight. Stay focused, remain committed, be consistent, and don’t give up when the going gets tough. To learn more about how you can overcome discouragement in business, listen to this episode of the With Purpose Podcast on the Apple Podcast App, iTunes, Spotify, Google Play Music, or using the player below.

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