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  • Nia S. Lewis

Set Yourself Up to Win

This week on the With Purpose Podcast our discussion is focused on specific actions you can take in your life as an entrepreneur to be more successful. If you're feeling stuck, or going through a season where you're feeling complacent, set yourself up to win using these four tips:

1. Continuously seek growth: Getting a certification, or a degree, or a professional license should not be the end of your educational journey! Continue to grow and soak in information to stay ahead of the curve in your industry by seeking out educational opportunities. Attend conferences, go to networking events, register for webinars, view YouTube videos, read books.

2. Hang around people who think big: Surrounding yourself with the same people, who have the same mindsets, the same ideas, and the same ways of thinking will ultimately limit your personal growth. Spread your wings, and expand your social circle. Hang around people who inspire you, and know more than you. Follow people on social media who exhibit these characteristics, or simply seek out a business mentor.

3. Stretch yourself into vulnerable dimensions: No one ever became successful by staying within their comfort zone. Sometimes what's comfortable doesn't feel so good, but we have to do it anyway. Kick whatever is holding you back to the curb and embrace feelings of vulnerability by stretching yourself beyond what is comfortable. Say no. Quit the job that's keeping you from focusing on your business full time. Hire that assistant so you can focus more on your clients. Introduce yourself to one new person a day. Register for that conference you've been putting off.

4. Actively live your work: This may sound obvious, like a no brainer, but when my business began to level off and I found myself having difficulty attracting right clients I had to take a step back and ask myself this question: How can you convince someone that your business is of value if you’re not even committed? I realized that while I was committed to my business enough to keep it going each day and service the clients I had, I wasn't committed enough to take a look in the mirror and recognize what I could do to take my business to the next level. I was hiding behind my work instead of actively living my work. I challenge you to have a reflection moment once a month and evaluate how YOU can be a better YOU for your business. That alone will be so transformative.

Success is all about mindset, and many times, the only thing standing between you and crushing your goals is your own way of thinking. Your way of thinking impacts your actions. Set yourself up to win by pursuing your passions unapologetically.

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