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  • Nia S. Lewis

Upgrade Your Social Media Content: Why your social media is not attracting paying customers in 2019,

This week on the With Purpose Podcast we discuss how we can upgrade the quality of social media content to attract ideal customers.

Many early stage entrepreneurs over simplify how social media is used for marketing. Posting consistently, multiple times a day isn’t enough. Using a bunch of industry specific hashtags isn’t enough. Taking high quality photos to post isn’t enough. These are all the basics, but we have to take a more strategic approach to really create content for social media that actually delivers. By delivers, I mean actually attracts customers that are interested in purchasing our products or services.

If you’re interested in learning about tips that will help you create more effective social media content that attracts customers that are genuinely interested in your business, keep reading.

Here are 3 reasons why your social media content isn’t delivering, and how to fix it:

1. You’re spread all over the place. You haven’t carved out a focus.

When it comes to creating a meaningful online presence for your business, and really just a meaningful presence for your business in general, it is imperative that you establish 3 pillars and 3 values. Your pillars of focus are specific topics that your content is centered around. For example, my 3 pillars of focus are entrepreneurship, inspiration, and mindfulness. I only post content relating to these 3 areas of focus. My potential client can land on any of my social media profiles and immediately resonate with content I share because I’ve put a lot of thought into what my ideal customer enjoys, what stands out to them, how I can engage with customers using these areas of focus.

Stop posting and re-posting random stuff. If you’re wondering why your customers don’t engage with you on social media, they haven’t associated your business with any one area of focus. For example, if you are a wedding planner and you’re constantly posting about your new event specials with photos of your decor work and you aren’t getting any new client leads, instead try focusing your customer’s attention to a few specific things you do. For example, you probably do floral arrangements. When a new bride thinks about florals, you want her to immediately think about you.

Your values are what your business stands for, and you use these values to guide decision making about the types of content you will share, for example, my values are positivity, authenticity, credibility, and optimism. There may be a topic related to entrepreneurship that I come across that is interesting, but I may not necessarily share it with my followers because it doesn’t agree with my core values. 2. Your social media is too salely. Remember, your social media content should display 20% salesy content, and 80% content that your audience can consume and genuinely enjoy. There is a psychology to selling, and once again, simply telling someone to purchase your products or announcing a sale isn’t enough! Scale back on the salesy content you post and focus more on connecting with your customers by way of content marketing. Go live on Facebook and share tutorials consistently. Start a podcast. Write weekly blogs to educate your customers about topics relating to your industry. The goal here is to build trust, and keep your business in the minds of your target audience consistently.

3. You don’t have marketing funnels established.

For customers to buy online, they have to be guided through a logical process. Take some time to research sales funnels for your industry. You don’t have to necessarily reinvent the wheel. I typically attract clients by way of instagram or Facebook. Users who enjoy my content typically eventually listen to my podcast. I encourage podcast subscribers to join my Facebook group, where they have access to even more resources. Periodically, I hold free webinars for group members where I provide valuable in depth advice my potential clients can’t find on my podcast or social media pages. During that webinar, I offer an exclusive opportunity to sign up for one-on-one coaching.

You’ll see here that I give away information for free before I am able to secure a paying customer. This is important. Most of the time, you have to give your potential customers a little something to show them you can deliver before they feel comfortable enough to invest in what you do.


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